management system


set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization (3.2.1) to establish policies (3.5.8) and objectives (3.7.1), and processes(3.4.1) to achieve those objectives
Note 1 to entry: A management system can address a single discipline or several disciplines, e.g. quality management (3.3.4), financial management or environmental management.
Note 2 to entry: The management system elements establish the organization’s structure, roles and responsibilities, planning, operation, policies, practices, rules, beliefs, objectives and processes to achieve those objectives.
Note 3 to entry: The scope of a management system can include the whole of the organization, specific and identified functions of the organization, specific and identified sections of the organization, or one or more functions across a group of organizations.
Note 4 to entry: This constitutes one of the common terms and core definitions for ISO management system standards given in Annex SL of the Consolidated ISO Supplement to the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1. The original definition has been modified by modifying Notes 1 to 3 to entry.


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